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If you have trouble filling it out on a phone, try on a computer.

Ensure all your questions have been answered, Then proceed and fill out the form below. You will get a an email to secure your spot on the waitlist from me within 24 hours. The deposit does go toward the balance of your puppy. Deposits are Non refundable but are transferable to the next litter one time. 


​Deposits placed are in order they are received such as First come-First serve.  

Full Balance must be paid by (credit/debit (2.9% fee), cash OR (check) 

2 weeks prior to taking home to ensure us that you will commit to the puppy until his pickup day. We will schedule pickup times a few weeks prior to going home.


Deposit is $600 for our labs to reserve your spot on the list.  The Deposits are now easier to make! Just click Pay Now below to ensure you get the next spot on the list.

If you have any questions about our labrador puppies or the reservation process, don’t hesitate to contact Five Star Labradors today.

Payment methods accepted
Puppy Deposit Reservation: HTML Embed
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