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Frequently asked questions

Where are you located and do you have any puppies available at this time?

We are located in SCV near the 14 fwy. At this time there is a waitlist for Bailys litter . If the line # is blank, there is still room for you. Please check our website monthly for updates.

Do you allow people to come meet the parents?

Yes, you may visit with appointment.

When are the puppies available to go to their new homes?

The puppies can go to their new homes at or around 8 weeks old

What type of vet care do they receive?

They get dewormed, 1 DHPP vaccine, Veterinarian checked Well puppy exam and report at 5 weeks, microchip w/international travel chip (optional)

Do you do have any health screenings/tests on the adults?

Our puppies are AKC registrable, meaning our puppies come with an official AKC paper application whos parents are both AKC registered also. It is up to the customers option if they want to pay a small fee with Akc.org in order to get their akc certificate of seal but completely optional. We have DNA tests on our Sires and Dams and OFA hips that certify parents are clear of disease.

What socialization do the puppies get?

We raise them inside our home with our two kids and with the normal sounds and smells and activities which makes less fearful, more confident, and easier to train than those from a kennel with little human interactions. More than half of a puppy’s critical period for socialization occurs at the breeder’s home.

Do You have a contract?

Only reputable breeders will expect you to review a simple contract that can include a Spay/Neuter contract unless you are granted Full Registration for breeding rights.

Where are puppies raised, Indoors/Outdoors?

We keep our puppies with the mother inside our home with us all times in their whelpbox with temperature controlled home to be comfortable. When they outgrow their whelpbox, we introduce them to a larger space to run and play with litter mates with toys. We use baby gates which are the safest and sturdiest for pups. We usually have a schedule for pups as far as eating, playing, potty training, sleeping and cleaning. We even keep a camera by the whelpbox to make it easy to check on them the first week's of life.

How to Care for new puppy, training etc

click link below. Very helpful https://www.fidosavvy.com/bringing-home-a-new-puppy.html