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Reserve a Puppy

First hand, a short phone call is necessary to initiate the process with basic questions. Then after phone call if you tell me yes you would like to proceed in reserving, please fill out the form below and I will review it and send you an Deposit Invoice in order to secure your spot on the waitlist. The deposit does go toward the balance of your puppy. 

It is non refundable. Only circumstances that allow a refund minus the credit card fees,  if no puppies were born and or not enough puppies were born. We may consider transferring your deposit to the next litter.


Deposits placed are in order they are received such as First come-First serve basis on Limited Registration.     CA tax is already included in your total price. Deposit goes towards your Balance that is Owed on puppy.  Full Balance must be paid by (credit/debit (fee), OR (check (No fee)  2 weeks prior to taking home. We will schedule pickup times one week prior to going home.